Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lacrosse Coach (Now Player) Success Story

Chris Widelo
Owner, XCEL Lacrosse Programs

"Today marks the completion of my 4th month of Isagenix. I am so pleased that I was introduced to this system. It has changed my life in so many ways.

After college 15 years ago I weighed 225 and gained weight ever since. I dieted here and there but with little success.  On February 1, 2013, I weighed 348lbs and that is the heaviest I have ever been.

At 38 I was just unhappy with my weight and appearance. I have a passion for lacrosse and as a result of my weight I could no longer play competitively.  Although skeptical at first I decided to give Isagenix a try and I am forever grateful I did!

After my first 30-day nutritional cleanse I lost 25 lbs. I worked out 4 days a week and the weight just melted off. I love the shakes. They are satisfying and my healthy eating habits have left me with increased energy and just feeling good.

I have been steadily losing weight and as of today I am down 60lbs. My goal is 100 and I can't believe I am over half way there. It is incredible! Today I carried a 60lb dumbbell around the gym to remind myself how much more weight I was carrying around just a few months ago. It is startling.

I also love my renewed interest in working out. I have noticeable muscle tone and I can easily run 2-3 miles. This is something that was never possible for me to do in the last 15 years. It just feels good to be healthy again. Even my knees feel better carrying around less weight.

My goal for the end of August is to be at 275lbs. I will be traveling to Amsterdam to compete in an international lacrosse tournament. I am looking forward to playing and knowing that I can actually compete again and not just go through the motions."

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