Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Children.. and Charity

We're sitting at dinner with the kids and I throw out a question...

"What does it mean to donate to charity?"

This spawned a conversation, the concept of which I hope continues in the days, weeks, months and years to come as we grow together as a family.

Let's face it, when a child is exposed to a charitable act, whether it be a monetary donation, time spent on a humanitarian project or any other form of true, genuine philanthropic behavior it can play a huge part in their view on life.

How about you?

When did you first learn of the concept of "giving"?  To what cause did you give?  Which charities or foundations are you passionate about today?

My good friend JoJo taught me of the Boomerang Effect, noting that, "What you send out comes back."  We've all experienced this first hand, whether we realized it in the moment or not.

As a closing thought.. How cool would it be to be a full-time philanthropist?  What would your week schedule look like?

Please share. We look forward to your comments.  : )