Vibrant Living

What is "Vibrant Living"?

I feel Vibrant Living is getting up in the morning with energy.. with joy.. with a TON of energy.. feeling that there are going to be challenges throughout the day, but you'll gobble'em up and spit'em out.

Vibrant Living is understanding that you will be faced with negativity in your waking hours.. it's inevitable.  In each instance, you'll choose, consciously or subconsciously, how you'll respond to that negativity.  You can feed it, or you can destroy it.  You can take part in a conversation that breeds garbage, elicits a feeling of lethargy, fatigue, dismay.. OR you can be the light.  In every situation throughout your day, you will have the choice to improve the day of another.

Here's a Suggestion:  When you're walking the halls of your office, sprinting through the grocery store, or out for a run, flash a smile at someone who looks as though they're deep in thought.  Smile and say, "Hello, how are you?"  Be genuine, be sincere, and see what happens.

I believe that we are on this earth for two reasons:

1.  To Feel Happy.  To do whatever it is that makes you feel amazing....  To surround yourself with people who motivate you, inspire you, enlighten you, challenge you....  To live an outrageous and extraordinary life.


2.  To Help Others.  How awesome does it feel when you help another?  It can be helping someone load their car with groceries, picking someone up when they fall down, changing someone's life.  How empowered do you feel when you make an impact on another person that results in them looking you in the eyes, their eyes welling up with gratitude, and saying, "Thank you".  How cool is that?

Ultimately, I believe that Vibrant Living is something that you can realize in any moment.  You can make the decision to live vibrantly by making great choices throughout each day -- who you spend time with, what information you're exposed to, what foods you put in your body, where you spend your time, whether you workout, whether you spend your night hours watching television, what you read, what you think.

Be who you want to be.  Be true to yourself.  Be true to others.  Just Be.. and enjoy every moment like it's your last.

How about you?..  What does Vibrant Living mean to you?

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