Monday, December 8, 2014

Are You Prepared For The "You're It" Economy?

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's Why We Want You To Be Rich is, I believe, a well-written, easy to follow personal finance book.  Below are a couple of excerpts from this work:

Donald's View:  Robert and I realize that problems can be complex and, at times, seemingly endless but we want to encourage you to see them as challenges that will give you a chance for great achievement.  Remember, nothing is easy.  But who wants nothing?  Your financial intelligence is greater than that!"

Robert's View:  Today, our world faces some serious financial problems.  Many are interrelated problems, one causing the other.  Some of the more pressing ones are:

1.    Value of the dollar falling
2.    National debt increasing
3.    Baby boomers starting to retire
4.    Oil prices rising
5.    Gap increasing between the rich and everyone else
6.    Wages decreasing
7.    Jobs being exported
8.    Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt
9.    Savings being wiped out
10.  Lack of financial education being taught

The pressing questions are:

1.   What can we do?
2.   What are the solutions to these problems?
3.   Is our financial IQ high enough to solve these problems?
4.   How do we avoid becoming victims of these problems?
5.   How do we protect our families from falling victims to these problems?

Many of today's financial problems exist because we did not solve the problems when they first arose.  Rather than increasing the financial IQ of the population, we taught people to expect the government to solve their personal problems for them ... Most of us can take care of ourselves if we have to and if we have been trained to.
Chad's View:  In Why We Want You To Be Rich, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki speak positively of a network marketing business as a potential source of residual income for busy, determined, self-motivated people.  This may be a profession for you to explore, for sure.  Be certain to search out a company of integrity that has built a reputation of over 10 years.

My personal experience as a network marketing professional is one that has ignited my fire to become the best I can be and to help others become exactly who it is that they want to be.. in all aspects of life.  Network marketing isn't perfect, it's just better.. And Marlene and I are tellin' the world.

In the book, Robert Kiyosaki also refers to the 401(k) as a savings account.  We don't know whether we'll have access to this money when we retire or not, just as we are unsure whether we'll benefit from Social Security and Medicare.  It is up to us to build an income source that will survive into our retirement and beyond.

We need to step up and take action.  "Knowledge without action is futile".  You have the knowledge that something needs to be done now for your, and more importantly your family's future.  Surround yourself with experts, and have fun learning.

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