Chad's prelude to Providence


1.  Strength Training and Running

Anaerobic training, or strength/circuit training, can compliment the aerobic training that is essential to preppin' for a long distance event, eg. marathon, triathlon or, the infamous IRONMAN.

Unlike my previous two marathons, I will continue my strength training over the next several weeks leading up to the event.  I'll be offering educational tips, anecdotes and awesomeness along the way.

2.  Music

Earbuds in, Jars Of Clay singin' away, I began my first double-digit run of my 'prelude to Providence'.  A thought arose that I'd like to share..

As common sense as this may sound, I believe it'll ring true for you, for sure.  When you're training, listen to music, business trainings, motivational trainings and books on tape that fire you UP!!  There's nothing like seeing that hill ahead of you, fumbling with your MP3, iPhone or Droid as you're running to get your favorite fire-up tune and then tearing up that obstacle.  Music is Power.

3.  The Mental "Bonk" Affect

As I pondered the path I'll take regarding my training -- how many long distance runs per month, how many miles I'll put in per week, how frequently I'll incorporate strength training, etc -- I came to realize how mental this whole process truly is.  So much so that after 4.5 miles my mind merely stopped me in my tracks!!  Here I am, not even at the mid point of my first double-digit'er and I'm about to bonk!?  Right then and there my mind took over.. It said, "Dude.. Dude...... Dude!! Chill out, you got this.." and, sure enough, I completed the task at hand.  Man did it feel great to CRUSH my first mental challenge.

4.  Keeping Focus On Your Goal

Speaking of mental challenges, I'd like input on this one.... For those of you who've trained for a long distanc'er in the past, do you not often, during your training, accept daily challenges, gobble'em up and spit'em out?  Why?

Here's my belief on the subject:  When you're running, your goal is to finish up the distance you put in your mind's eye.. In life, your goal is to finish up the task at hand - a work task, an errand task, a 'getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour' task.  When you're training and blasting through apparent barricades, former 'challenges' -- daily or training-based -- are no longer.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you, in advance.

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