Saturday, December 20, 2014

Yes.. but "Why" do thoughts become things?

Over the last decade, I've read several books on the topics of mindfulness, thought, success, business, motivation and self-empowerment.  I've been offered a similar message in each reading, a message that rings loud and clear from the time I raise my head from the pillow in the morning until the time I lay back down to bed at night.  That message is, ultimately, that 'You Become What You Think About'. In Earl Nightingale's 'Strangest Secret', these exact words ring true. Until recently, I was aware of this, but didn't truly understand how this occurred. Having enjoyed the trials and tribulations of an intense curriculum in physical therapy, and having worked with several amazing colleagues and practice owners throughout my career who pushed me to be better in all aspects of my profession, I've been trained, consistently, to truly understand why things occur.. why I'm performing a particular treatment technique.. why certain patients improve more rapidly than others.. why some days seem awesome and others seem to be full of challenges.

Well, I mentioned that I was 'aware' of the notion that Thoughts Become Things and You Become What You Think About, but I haven't truly understood why.. until now.

It's come to my attention that, if we highlight the neuroendocrine and neurophysiological responses that occur in our brain, we can, in fact, shift our internal environment to one that is more near homeostasis, or balance within the body, by shifting our thoughts to influencing a more positive, uplifting, enlightening physiological and emotional state.

You see, a structure that lies near the base of the brain, called the hypothalamus, will pump neuropeptides (amino acids) into the bloodstream in response to your thinking, and these neuropeptides will enter your cells and either stimulate a positive vibration or a negative vibration. Of course, if the hypothalamus is influenced with positive thoughts, a positive vibration will result. On the contrary, if the hypothalamus is influenced with negative thoughts, a negative vibration will result. You will then attract the same vibration to you.

What does this mean?

I believe this means that, if you flood your mind with positive, empowering, encouraging thoughts and you visualize taking your life from good to great, your hypothalamus will become addicted to those thoughts, and you may experience a synergy of events in your life that will elicit your feeling really, really, really good about that moment and, subsequently, your future.

When I lecture, I elude to the fact that I feel we're here on this planet for 2 reasons.. To help others realize their version of an outrageous and extraordinary life and To feel amazing, to wake up with joy, to do exactly what it is that you want to do.. that thing that drives you, that thing that fills you with an energy that allows you to send off a positive vibration to those around you, and triggers them to want the same.

Only you have control of your thoughts, no one else.. Only you can determine your path in life, no one else. Don't wait, begin now and make a change.

Thoughts can truly become things... Choose the good ones. ~ Mike Dooley

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