Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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My Zen
Hey out there readers!  Usually it's Chad who writes the blogs.  I decided to write my own entry today.  I thought I would introduce myself a little bit more than on the video.  I am a mom of three - sometimes 4 when Chad the Dad is being a goofball  ; ).  I work part time as a Unit Secretary at UMASS.  I love going to the gym (our local YMCA).  I really like reading.  I just started to like going to the movies (usually I like to watch them in my living room – but something about a girls night out makes it more fun).  I love being with my friends – especially when our families can all be together.  My kids look forward to being with their friends and my hubby and I look forward to playing games with the other moms and dads.   And my new found passion is health and wellness.  Chad has been into it since we met.  I was into Oreo’s, chocolate chip pancakes, Kraft Cheese and Macaroni and anything else like that.  Over the past 3 years or so, I have become more open minded and learned a lot.  Since doing my last cleanse I have had way more energy, been more focused, released pounds, slept better,  built lean muscle and rid my body of toxins.  Imagine having a hangover every day?  I suppose some people do feel this way.  But imagine feeling hungover and then one day not feeling that way?  This is the best comparison I can come up with since before starting my last cleanse.  After the cleanse, I pretty much continued the same nutritional plan as while on the cleanse.  While on it I was really strict about only putting food into my body that served a nutritional purpose.   Once in a while now, I eat something that really serves no nutritional purpose and I either immediately feel it in my body or wake up the next day feeling it.  This is where I get the hangover comparison.  Now I have lived a long time eating Yodels, crackers with cream cheese, not taking vitamins, etc. etc.  And I am sure many people live long lives never changing these habits.  I just believe I will live longer and better without these things in my system on a regular basis.  Of
course I don’t say no to a Rice Krispie Treat every now and then, but I do say no to 4 or 5 of them at a time.  And it is only occasional.
The Munchkins

Although I like my job, I want to contribute more to the world.  I work with many wonderful people who directly impact people’s lives – literally sometimes saving people’s lives.   I want to be the mom who is home for my kids, takes them to their activities, makes them dinner, etc, but I also want to do more.  (Okay sometimes I don’t want to take them to their activities or make them dinner, but most of the time it is enjoyable to do these things).  I want to show my children that they can make a living loving what they do.  So the point in me getting involved in blogging is for two reasons (both sort of selfish):  I want to fulfill my goal of helping people and I want to make money while doing it.  Ideally all of my friends and family would try our products, tell their friends and family about them and we would have a wonderful cycle of changing people’s lives for the better while making money.  However, friends and family don’t always want to learn about health and wellness.  Some won’t make the effort to learn, so I need to reach out to people I don’t know.

I ask all of you reading this, take the time to ask us questions.  I may not be able to explain the science behind the products, but we have many health care providers who can -   Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Nurses, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Strength Coaches, etc. etc.  They have seen the results in themselves and patients they have cared for.  We even have stay at home mom’s, mechanics, electricians, teachers, insert any career here who can explain the science behind our ingredients and how it gives the body nutrition.

If you know anyone who wants to lose weight, have more energy (seriously who doesn’t know a rookie or expert mom that doesn’t want to have more energy), get healthier, feel less stressed, sleep better, etc. etc. send them our way.  We can help people reach their health and wellness goals as well as financial goals.  I forgot to mention the business!!  Our company has arguably the best compensation plan in the network marketing profession. 

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Kelly Ann Williamson said...

You are such a bright light, Marlene! I can absolutely feel your energy and passion for what you do, and I am so grateful to have met you. Keep dreaming big...the future is yours to create.